iparmor 5.46

Anti trojan virus protect your PC from trojan virus and worm
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Iparmor will detect and kill both known and unknown trojans. This useful system-tray utility packs a lot of punch and the known virus database can be updated daily. It has a host of tools to help protect you from Internet-borne harm. Upon startup, it scans your memory for trojan-like activity and immediately disables any suspicious tasks and reports its findings. You can restore any system critical files for the next reboot. Iparmor allows you to view all remaining currently active processes, scan currently active ports, and lists those applications that are registered to start when Windows next loads.
The major remedy that this program offered is to automatically stop and disable discovered or suspected trojans. Iparmor also lets you manually kill other active processes, BUT DOES NOT EDIT (or interfere with) YOUR REGISTRY START-UP LIST. Other features include logging and network support. THE HELP SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW. Please send questions or comments to support@luosoft.com.



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